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With over half a million miles under their belt driving some of the most special Ferraris of all time, and over 200 years’ combined experience working on Ferraris, the team at GTO Engineering has created what they believe to be the ultimate interpretation of two legendary Sixties Ferraris. Welcome to the Revival series.


GTO Engineering has always sought to give their clients the opportunity to preserve the mechanical authenticity of their classic Ferrari while still enjoying the sensation of driving them. Parts are sourced or re-manufactured to preserve the originality of genuine components on original 250 SWBs. The parts are sourced from around the world, including many from original period suppliers to the Ferrari factory. GTO Engineering will also commission client’s Ferraris, either damaged beyond repair or missing major components to revive it to a clients own 250 SWB specification.

GTO Engineering 250 SWB commissions are re-built by the same highly skilled engineers, side-by-side with the original classic Ferrari cars. The fashioning of an alloy body by hand is the work of a highly skilled, time-severed craftsman. Such is the skill and man hours which go into the 250 SWB, the process usually takes around 12 – 18 months from the commencement to the client driving their car away.


The Ferrari 250 SWB not only remains one of the most iconic and important Ferraris ever-produced, but is recognized as one of the most sought-after collector cars in today’s blue chip collector car market. The SWB holds a unique and important place in Ferrari’s racing history as one of the last revered 12- cylinder models that had dominated on the racetrack from 1960-1962. Of the 165 units that were produced over three years, 72 were built to competition “Competizione” specification with aluminum body and various engine modifications, while the remaining 93 were built to road “Lusso” specification with steel body, leather and chrome trim.

Car No. 18 of 60
Chassis No. 3921
Engine Capacity/Tune 3.5L
Exterior Color Ferrari 300-12 +2g/100g of 61052 letca
Interior Color Dark Tan